My Journey: Day One and Two

In December when I first started going through all the testing I knew that something was seriously wrong. I knew my body was not well. I knew it was more than just a cold. It took three doctors for one to finally listen to me and run all the tests I needed done. Thank you, Coral. You are an absolute blessing and you saved my life. 

I got the phone call on December 23 that there was a possibility that I had cancer. I remember the phone call. The doctor said “it might not be but we need to run more tests”. I hung up and just cried because sometimes you just know and this time… I knew.

My biopsy results came back abnormal (go figure). I was referred to an amazing team of doctors at Emory in Atlanta who confirmed that I indeed had thyroid cancer. We scheduled my surgery to remove my total thyroid, a handful of lymph nodes, some little tumors, and tissue. I insisted that we waited until my spring break the third week of March. 

Since we got positive results in my lymph nodes I was ushered onto the next step of treatment which is RAI. 

I had to prepare for this treatment by eating a low iodine diet for two weeks before my RAI ingestion. That means mainly fruits and veggies, only 6 oz of meat a day, hardly any processed foods, and no dairy. What this does is it allows the cancer cells to starve since they thrive off of iodine. Then the doctors give you a dose of radioactive iodine to have the cancer cells gobble up and then they die. So that’s the plan! Kill the cancer.

Day One: 

Daniel and I got to Emory main campus around 8:30 am. We got to valet park (I always feel special when I get to do that) and walked right now. Day one was just the consult to tell us exactly what was going on for the week, what they expect to happen, and answer any questions. 

Day Two:

Today was the first day of infusions. We got to use Valet again! I found out we get to use it all week for free. Yay! 

We went to a different part of the hospital today called the Emory Clinic. We had to go to the 3rd floor where the infusion clinic is. By the time we got there I was super nervous and scared. I had no idea what to expect. We walked into the big room where infusions take place and got our little “room”. 

The nurse gave us snacks and apple juice! We had our own little tv and everything. I had to get a thyrogen shot in my butt that helps my body prepare for the RAI treatment. It burned like something was put in My that was on fire. We had to sit ther for 15 minutes until we were allowed to go home. 

I feel fine today… the infusion just made me really sleepy and of course sore in the area that I got it. 

Here is a picture my husband snapped of my while waiting to be let go! 

And here is a picture of the city on the way home.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly as today. There is a lot more to do tomorrow than there was today though. 

Each day is one day closer to being cancer free. Thank the Lord. 


Honeymoon Meals: La Hacienda, Hilton Head Island 

As you have probably already figured out Daniel and I love Mexican Food! Even when on our Honeymoon we wanted to have our “Taco Tuesday”. After searching Yelp we ended up at La Hacienda. The reviews were amazing so we figured, why not! Since it was our honeymoon we definitely over indulged a bit. However, it was all worth it!   We ended up getting a little bit of everything. We started with the table side made guacamole that was absolutely amazing! Super super fresh with a little bit of a kick due to the fresh jalapeños. For our main entree we had Tour of Mexico which included a little bit of EVERYTHING! The Tour of Mexico had a taco, rice and beans, enchiladas, chile rellenos, and a chalupa. We also had a steak burrito! The salsa was very tasty as well!

With our meal we had a delicious margarita with a corona in it! La Hacienda on Hilton Head Island was a great experience that we would gladly partake in again. Everyone from the host to our server and the staff were incredibly nice and welcoming. The host had a great sense of humor and was definitely a good person to be the face of the restaurant when you walk in. This place is a must when you are on the island!

Honeymoon Meals: Wild Wing Cafe, Circle Center, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

When we told our family and friends that we were going to Hilton Head Island, SC for our honeymoon we were recommended to go to Wild Wing Cafe. Daniel LOVES wings, me on the other hand.. I don’t love them nor do I hardly eat them. I did however give them a try here.  

By the time we got to the restuarant both of us were pretty tired and hungry. So, the pictures for this review are lacking 😦 We tried the flavor called Loco Beuno! It is a honey- lime- cilantro wing sauce. Daniel and I tried the sauce by itself and it tasted really good so we were excited about the wings. However, when we tasted the sauce on the wings we were less enthused about it. I think the flavor is better suited for red meat rather than chicken.

Overall we both agreed that despite all of the recommendations we had to go here we will not be returning. Maybe we picked the wrong flavor wings, maybe we went at the wrong time, or maybe it just wasn’t for us. If you have eaten here let me know if your loved it, thought it was just okay, or you disliked it in the comments!

Honeymoon Meals: The Crazy Crab- Jarvis Creek, Hilton Head Island 

Daniel and I decided to go on our honeymoon to our favorite vacation spot, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We are spending a full week here so we decided to explore more restaurants on the island this time than we have before. The first write up is on The Crazy Crab located on Jarvis Creek. There are two Crazy Crabs on this island; one in Sea Pines that you have to pay $6 to get a parking pass for and one where parking is free. Low and behold the one with free parking had better yelp reviews so that’s where we went!

We decided to get two meals on the menu that both of us wanted so we could share them. This is are normal routine in a restuarant!  The first meal we picked was the surf and turf with an 11oz steak and a fresh Maine lobster tail. The meal came with a baked potatoe on the side and also their vegetable of the day which was green beans. Daniel said the lobster tail was the best prepared lobster he has had in a restuarant which I would have to agree. The ONLY problem we had with this meal was the temperature of the steak was well rather than the medium we requested. The steak itself was still tasty with the seasoning The Crazy Crab used and the onion crisps were a very nice touch. The green beans were delicious and the baked potatoe was good.

The second meal we picked was the Lowcountry Boil Shrimp half pound. This meal came with corn on the cob, full boiled potatoes, Cajun seasoned sausage and of course shrimp! I was not a huge fan of the sausage, however; as the days go on you’ll all find out I am never a big fan of sausage unless it’s covered in maple syrup next to my eggs ;). Daniel said the sausage was good despite me thinking otherwise. The potatoes were boiled perfectly! You could cut through them with a fork. I added a little butter and pepper which made them perfect! The corn on the corn was soft and sweet. The shrimp ARE shelled so be prepared to get your hands messy. The shrimp were really good. I just would have liked them better if they would have seasoned them a little more to add some more flavor.

Overall the meal was wonderful regardless of how picky Daniel and I are with our food. Everything was fresh and tasted good. We would definitely go back again.

And just look at that view! We also had a wonderful waitress,Linda, who was helpful with any questions we had and just all around pleasant. If you and your family are ever on Hilton Head Island, I would definitely recommend going to The Crazy Crab on Jarvis Creek. Also, if you’re one of those people that like to get shirts where every you go (like me) they have a wide selection of children and adult sized shirts to pick from as well as plush toys for your little ones!

Welcome, my name is Autumn.

IMG_0037Hello there,

Somehow you have stumbled upon my blog and I welcome you to take on this adventure with me.I wanted to try to break out of my shell a little and learn to have a new hobby.

A little about myself; I am a graduate student at the University of West Georgia studying Biology. I will gratefully be graduating this fall semester! I am  married to my High School sweetheart, Daniel. I could not have asked for a better man to spend my life with. God really out did himself with putting Daniel into my life! With that being said, I am a Christian and have full faith in God’s timing and in Him in general.

October of 2016 I started to get really sick. I began to hardly be able to get out of bed from pure exhaustion and lost my appetite. In December all the testing began. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February 2017. I had my TT on March 22, 2017 and I am currently going through RAI treatment to get rid of the rest of the cancer in me.

With this blog I hope to be able to take my readers on my (almost) day-to-day adventures of beating cancer, my thoughts, trials, obstacles, and hopefully travels. We shall see where this blog goes!

Thank you for stopping by and beginning this journey with me!