Getting Your Feathers Back

In that moment you feel like you’re so happy that you could fly! Only to find that you are only human and look like you’re drowning in the air around you. 

That is me today. 

I may not have wings but I’ve got my feathers back and I’m learning how to fly again. 

This morning I found out that I have to get shots for the next four weeks to help with my body’s uptake of my thyroid medication. I was really upset because I thought this meant that I was not moving forward. That I was once again staying stagnant and potentially having to go through treatment again. 

It’s been a long weekend waiting on my results from my last scan. The scan that told us whether or not I’d be sleeping on a blow up matteress again. 

Needless to say the matteress is officially deflated!

I got the call just after 4. I am officially CANCER FREE. 

I still have to get shots for a month and be on some medications (moonface needs to hurry up and go away) but I’m free! I can spread my wings again. 

The hardest journey of my life thus far is officially a chapter in my book that I can now move away from. 

Now here are some bloopers for your entertainment of trying to get a jump shot. 

It’s a lot harder than you’d think it would be. Have a blessed day everyone. 


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