The Problems with Fighting. 

Getting sick has definitely shifted my mindset on a bunch of things. One in practical is how much it costs to be able to live. To be able to be healthy, and to be able to not feel like your body is failing you.
It’s no surprise to all of you that my body decided it wanted to fail me. Hey, I got cancer after all! Immediately after the crying was all over and I calmed down for the most that I could; Daniel looked at me and said “we will get through this and you will be okay.” Every day since then he asks me “how is my little trooper doing?”. Some days, I’m not doing so well. Other days I feel like me again.  (Picture below from March 8th; spending our two year wedding anniversary in the hospital because well you know).

Today is one of those days where I just want to SCREAM at the pharmaceutical companies because of things like THIS.

Each one of these bills is for ONLY one shot. One infusion on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. They each took 20 minutes. That’s just over $153 a minute.
These shots were not an option for me. These shots were prepping me to ingest radiation. These shots were a part of saving my life.
Don’t you find it funny that it costs so much money to just ensure that you can live? There is something wrong with this picture. Something very very wrong.


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