Post Treatment: Recovery 

It’s finally time to wrap up the journey of my treatment in June! Buckle your seat belts kids because you’re going on a bumpy ride.

During the consult meeting the doctors said that most of the time people don’t get any huge side effects. On the rare occasion side effects hit but go away within a few days. Nothing has been particularly easy about this and treatment was exactly the same.

My mom brought me to get my big dose Thursday the 22nd. I took my antinausa medication as directed. I followed all the instructions. We drove all the way home and I felt fine. I was just really hot. 

Fast forward to 6 hours later and all hell broke loose. For the next three days all I did was vomit. The stomach pills did not help at all. I couldn’t keep water down. I couldn’t look at food. I had to unfollow a bunch of people on Instagram because as soon as I saw food I was running to the toilet. 

I felt like I had a permeant case of motion sickness that would not go away. So all I did was sleep and watch cartoons. Daniel couldn’t come close to me so he would sit on the stairs and talk. (Flattering picture of him sticking his tongue out). 

Sunday afternoon I was finally able to eat 4 pizza rolls. Which was the start to recovery. 

RAI was really hard on my body. The doctor’s said it was because I have a weak stomach and IBS which caused the medication for nausea to not work as effectively. I ended up losing 6 pounds within a 4 day time period which is awful for your body. My skin started to break out really bad too. 

On Wednesday I was finally able to eat solid food without feeling sick AND I was able to return back to work. Of course I immediately wanted Mexican. 

Thursday I had my follow up appointment. Daniel and I had to be at Emory main campus at 8 am. Which meant we had to leave our house at 6:15. I hardly slept the night before because I was so nervous. Also, sleeping on a twin blow up matteress sucks.

The first part of this appointment was doing a full body CT-scan. It took about 50 minutes to complete. You had to lay completely still. I ended up having an anxiety attack and all I could hear was my therapist in my head telling me to breathe and think about something else. 50 minutes later I was done. Well, I thought I was.

I had my gielger scan done and my radioactive self was officially safe to be around other people. As well as going back to sleeping in my bed again! Yay for no blow up mattress. We were put in a waiting room.

About 20 minutes later a nurse came out and told us we found something so a doctor needs to speak with you. Full on panic set in again. I kept saying to Daniel “last week they said I was fine and the was precautionary!!!”. 

It turns out that it was very good that we took this precaution. I ended up having to have another CT-Scan; this one focuses heavily on my face and neck area. When the scan first started it felt like EVERY nerve in my face was being tickled. It was awful. Another 50 minutes later and I was done with that scan. Then moved to a cat scan. This one felt like you were in a tunnel of wind and all you could hear was an engine swooping around you. 

Then back to the waiting game. I felt like I was going to throw up because of fear. I DID not want to go through the treatment again.

Finally, one of my 8 doctors came out and talked to us. He was wearing a bright pink and green paisley tie. He told us that one lymph node took up the radiation which means it was cancerous. He said that at this point in time they are taking it as a good thing and considering me CURED. 

So even though I have cancer in me still, the radiation is supposed to be working to take care of it. 

I have another follow up appointment on July 21st to see the results of this one lymph node. 

Thank you for the continuous prayers. You guys are amazing. 

Here is a picture of my first day out into the world after being cooped up. 


2 thoughts on “Post Treatment: Recovery 

  1. Allison Crook says:

    You are an extraordinary women. While reading your journey thus far, I could almost feel the anxiety you spoke of. That must’ve of been so scary for you. Thank you for sharing your story. I will continue to pray for you. Keep it up! By the way, you’re an excellent writer. Hope to see you soon, now that you are “free”! Yay!

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