My Journey: Day One and Two

In December when I first started going through all the testing I knew that something was seriously wrong. I knew my body was not well. I knew it was more than just a cold. It took three doctors for one to finally listen to me and run all the tests I needed done. Thank you, Coral. You are an absolute blessing and you saved my life. 

I got the phone call on December 23 that there was a possibility that I had cancer. I remember the phone call. The doctor said “it might not be but we need to run more tests”. I hung up and just cried because sometimes you just know and this time… I knew.

My biopsy results came back abnormal (go figure). I was referred to an amazing team of doctors at Emory in Atlanta who confirmed that I indeed had thyroid cancer. We scheduled my surgery to remove my total thyroid, a handful of lymph nodes, some little tumors, and tissue. I insisted that we waited until my spring break the third week of March. 

Since we got positive results in my lymph nodes I was ushered onto the next step of treatment which is RAI. 

I had to prepare for this treatment by eating a low iodine diet for two weeks before my RAI ingestion. That means mainly fruits and veggies, only 6 oz of meat a day, hardly any processed foods, and no dairy. What this does is it allows the cancer cells to starve since they thrive off of iodine. Then the doctors give you a dose of radioactive iodine to have the cancer cells gobble up and then they die. So that’s the plan! Kill the cancer.

Day One: 

Daniel and I got to Emory main campus around 8:30 am. We got to valet park (I always feel special when I get to do that) and walked right now. Day one was just the consult to tell us exactly what was going on for the week, what they expect to happen, and answer any questions. 

Day Two:

Today was the first day of infusions. We got to use Valet again! I found out we get to use it all week for free. Yay! 

We went to a different part of the hospital today called the Emory Clinic. We had to go to the 3rd floor where the infusion clinic is. By the time we got there I was super nervous and scared. I had no idea what to expect. We walked into the big room where infusions take place and got our little “room”. 

The nurse gave us snacks and apple juice! We had our own little tv and everything. I had to get a thyrogen shot in my butt that helps my body prepare for the RAI treatment. It burned like something was put in My that was on fire. We had to sit ther for 15 minutes until we were allowed to go home. 

I feel fine today… the infusion just made me really sleepy and of course sore in the area that I got it. 

Here is a picture my husband snapped of my while waiting to be let go! 

And here is a picture of the city on the way home.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly as today. There is a lot more to do tomorrow than there was today though. 

Each day is one day closer to being cancer free. Thank the Lord. 


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