Honeymoon Meals: La Hacienda, Hilton Head Island 

As you have probably already figured out Daniel and I love Mexican Food! Even when on our Honeymoon we wanted to have our “Taco Tuesday”. After searching Yelp we ended up at La Hacienda. The reviews were amazing so we figured, why not! Since it was our honeymoon we definitely over indulged a bit. However, it was all worth it!   We ended up getting a little bit of everything. We started with the table side made guacamole that was absolutely amazing! Super super fresh with a little bit of a kick due to the fresh jalapeños. For our main entree we had Tour of Mexico which included a little bit of EVERYTHING! The Tour of Mexico had a taco, rice and beans, enchiladas, chile rellenos, and a chalupa. We also had a steak burrito! The salsa was very tasty as well!

With our meal we had a delicious margarita with a corona in it! La Hacienda on Hilton Head Island was a great experience that we would gladly partake in again. Everyone from the host to our server and the staff were incredibly nice and welcoming. The host had a great sense of humor and was definitely a good person to be the face of the restaurant when you walk in. This place is a must when you are on the island!


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