Honeymoon Meals: Wild Wing Cafe, Circle Center, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

When we told our family and friends that we were going to Hilton Head Island, SC for our honeymoon we were recommended to go to Wild Wing Cafe. Daniel LOVES wings, me on the other hand.. I don’t love them nor do I hardly eat them. I did however give them a try here.  

By the time we got to the restuarant both of us were pretty tired and hungry. So, the pictures for this review are lacking 😦 We tried the flavor called Loco Beuno! It is a honey- lime- cilantro wing sauce. Daniel and I tried the sauce by itself and it tasted really good so we were excited about the wings. However, when we tasted the sauce on the wings we were less enthused about it. I think the flavor is better suited for red meat rather than chicken.

Overall we both agreed that despite all of the recommendations we had to go here we will not be returning. Maybe we picked the wrong flavor wings, maybe we went at the wrong time, or maybe it just wasn’t for us. If you have eaten here let me know if your loved it, thought it was just okay, or you disliked it in the comments!


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